GroupThink Inspire


Accurate, Smooth and Silent PTZ Movement

With PTZ technology, you get faster camera movement when zoomed out for quick framing and slower camera movement when zoomed in for more control. Pan: -125 to +125 degree (max speed 65°/S), Tilt: -30 to +30 degree. (max speed 35°/S) and Zoom: 10X optical zoom, 2.07 mega pixel (16:9)


All In One Solution

Professional and higher quality All-in-One video conferencing camera for medium to large room. The enterprise quality video conferencing system that can take video collaboration to a whole new level.



Key Features

enhanced user experience

It has a suite of technologies built into it that automates a better user experience. The Active-Pixel sensor flawlessly auto-frames participants regardless of their distance from the lens.

Expansion Microphones

Expand the conversation area from 6m/20ft to 10m/33ft. High sensitivity omnidirectional microphone provide 360 degrees audio pickup. Everyone can hear more clear and highly perfectly.

10x Optical Zoom HD 1080p Camera

10X optical zoom Professional video conferencing Camera for big Business Meetings or large space, you’ll feel like you’re face-to-face in the same room.

Seamless Plug & Play

Easy to connect to PC over USB Connection without drivers installation, and compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, and MAC OS X10.10 or higher and Chromebooks™.


Perfect solution compatible with various platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, etc and so on.

High quality Bluetooth Speakerphone

The Bluetooth speaker unleashes professional audio endpoint for web-conferencing and video conferencing, to replace the PCs and mobile phone’s speaker with an outstanding audio quality microphone.



Plug-and-play USB connectivity. Compatible with almost any video conferencing application, such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet,  Cisco WebEx, etc. other video conferencing, recording, and broadcasting applications that support USB cameras.

Brochure & Setup Guide!

Not sure on how to connect and use the device? Don’t worry! This step-by-step connection guide will help get started regardless of your technical skill. 

Explore more features and functionalities about the Inspire in our product brochure.

Technical Specifications


GroupThink Inspire



Control Protocol

Visca, Pelco-D/P(Rs-232,Rs485)

Video Output Pixel

Full HD 1080p 30fps

Image Sensor

1/2.8" Type High Quality CMOS

Focal Length

F4.7mm - F47mm



Signal Standard


Horizontal Angle

Near-End 83.7°~Far-End 20°

Gain Control




SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)


Shutter Speed

1/1 Sec To 1/10000s

Baud Rate

2400/4800/9600/19200 bps

System Requirements

Press the number (1-9) directly to call the reserved preset. faster and smooth.

Press the number button for 5 seconds to set preset position of this number.


440x316x165mm (L×W×H) / 3.4kg

PTZ Camera

Pan: -125 To +125 Degree (Max Speed 65°/S)

Tilt: -30 To +30 Degree. (Max Speed 35°/S)

Zoom: 10x Optical Zoom, 2.07 Mega Pixel (16:9)

What's in the box

This Conference Room Camera, Conference Bluetooth Speakerphone, Hub, Remote Controller, 2pcs 16.4ft(5m) Din6 Cable, 9.8ft(3m) USB Cable, Dc 12v/2.5a Power Adapter, Manual (English). 2pcs Expansion Mics With 2pcs 8.2ft (2.5m)


3 Years

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